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February 13, 2012 Websites for Artists, Websites for Business No Comments

Bolivar Street Gallery website by Denton Digital


With the price of real estate in Denton, Texas, and rent prices for retail being completely out of touch with economic reality, more and more adventurous start up businesses are opening in smaller nearby towns where the costs are more in line with reality.

That’s exactly what Icy and David Iles, owners of Bolivar Street Gallery in Sanger, Texas, did last year, and with the help of the website I created for them, and turned over to Icy, they are already seeing sales from the site.

It really is difficult to clearly explain just how easy it is to run your own website on the wordpress blogging platform. If you are reading this, then wordpress has already done its work. Denton Digital sites are created with only one outcome in mind; to turn the website over to its owner so that they can create their own content, do their own updating, upload their own images and video, and tell the story exactly the way they want it told, and do it virtually instantly. There’s no waiting for some “designer,” or “coder” to make the changes to your site. Want to change the look? Do it. Want to add or delete pages? Do it. Get the picture?

Eventually, there will be an online store for Bolivar Street Gallery, but that is a pretty complicated process, and does cost extra to implement. If you are interested in your own online store to sell your products, the best thing is to start with a premium wordpress theme that concentrates on the online store – like the theme I found for www.cimarrona.com.

Stores require a lot of discipline and work. Simply having it doesn’t fill it with merchandise. Each item in the store has to be photographed, entered into your data base of products, descriptions and pricing must be written – and accurate. You will also need to be ready to take credit cards and paypal payments. Then, those items need to be removed from the store – either by the automation of the store or manually in some cases. If you are already in business, how many times have you heard, “Can I look online? Can I buy online? Do you have a store online?” The functionality of wordpress and e commerce themes for wordpress reduce what may seem like a technological moon shot, to a few easy steps that someone with average internet skills can implement. And all this can be online in a matter of days, not weeks.

Another exciting and untapped aspect of modern, functional website design is the potential to show your work live and in real time to potential retail and wholesale customers using SKYPE or other live chat software. It works. I’ve seen it work first hand. Although you could do that now, independently of a new website, you would be better off having a client come to you with their choices already narrowed (by looking at your website).

The website for the Bolivar Street Gallery is still being fleshed out by Icy, and if you take a look at it you will see that the technical appearance is still undergoing transformations, like the banner, and more pages that highlight each individual artist currently in the BSG.

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