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Cleeng to Your Words and Make Them PAY!

May 8, 2012 Content Websites No Comments

I am going to implement a new wordpress plugin designed to monetize content. If you are unfamiliar with what “monetize content”means, it means paying to read content that has traditionally been free – to the detriment of our personal and national economies.

Coming as I do, from the journalism spectrum, I remember a day when words had value – perhaps a measly quarter or perhaps a few dollars for printed words on printed paper in your inky little fingers.

Today, the newspapers that are left standing are staring into the abyss. They have worthless paper product that circulation declines on daily, and they are hemmed in when it comes to online content where everyone has been giving away the farm for years.

One can argue that blogs are the reason for the deflationary value of words / content, where even the content you are reading now is FREE. At some point though, readership numbers can turn a corner, and a nickel or dime to read a story multiplied by the hundreds – daily – can add up. Virtually all bloggers (I prefer the term online publishers) are afraid to pull the trigger on monetizing content – VERY AFRAID.

My search for a plugin that would help monetize content for another website lead me to a plugin named “Cleeng.” Cleeng passed the smell test of being updated recently, downloaded a lot, and having a good star rating to go along with it. I watched a demo on Cleeng and downloaded it for this site.

[cleeng_content id=”241010121″ description=”Read the rest of this post on monetizing your content using cleeng.” price=”0.14″]Thanks for spending the minimum to read the rest of this post. As you can see, the Cleeng plugin is pretty non intrusive, and allows for precise targeting of content to be monetized. Typically, plugins only get better, and not worse. If you have content and you want to monetize it, feel free to contact DD dot com, and see what we can do for you.[/cleeng_content]

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