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Photography for Denton Websites

Photography in website design is a make it or break it proposition. There are several things that must be a part of good photography for your new website, and every image needs to meet all requirements:

– Website images need to be technically proficient in every way; a) sharp, b) color correct, c) size correct, d) content correct

– Website images need to be properly positioned on your pages and posts

– The only way you will figure out what looks best is by experimenting with images in your posts

As a photographer, I look at websites both as a customer and a potential client source. If I see a local business that is as huge as, say, a major hospital for example, and they have not taken the time to localize  the photography (use local photographers to create images in their local facility) in their website, then as a customer I see the look of a big impersonal business that (I have seen this) has the same photos as their competition, or some major bank. If I am looking to introduce my photography services to them, I know they are not interested in supporting the local economy or local business because they are using images that they have budgeted pennies (literally) to use, and use and use.

Your photography is part of what sells what you have to sell. Whoever generates the photography for your site needs to understand the importance of photography for your site, and needs to be ready to generate great images, be it on a factory floor, on in a hospital operating room.

The search engines don’t care much about the photography on your new site. That’s just a fact of life. Imagine what we photographers go through with our photo heavy websites! No, photography is about appearances, and your site has to appear better, more inviting and decidedly more personal than your competitor’s site. Stock photography is better than bad photography in most cases, but it is just so bland and impersonal that in nine of ten cases it’s barely better than nothing at all.

You can find my photography at www.shannondrawe.com, and within the pricing structure for making websites with Denton Digital, photography can be a part of that as well.


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