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Denton Website Design using WordPress

You have found the first website business in Denton, Texas, that ever specialized and still specializes in wordpress websites. These sites are designed for ease of use, and being turned over to customers so they can run the site themselves. Nothing is ever held hostage, and all files are yours. It’s not magic! It’s wordpress for those who demand quality and functionality from their sites.

I do sites for all purposes. And as I always say, and as it applies to this crop of University students here in Denton, Texas, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him / her think!” Your professors are not telling you what you need to know to get a job – bottom line. And that’s if you actually are taught by professors! Typically, in the corporate education world (where educational institutions are actually now churning corporate machines), you are taught by adjuncts, you are passed through without knowing what you need to know, and you are not a threat to anyone in your professional field (including those adjuncts) upon graduation. ONE OF THE THINGS they don’t tell you is that you need a professional online presence, and you need it by the time you begin your third year of college (sooner is even better). Feel Free To Think!

I hear horror stories from established businesses and professionals about their websites being held hostage, hacked, ineffective and expensive. And that’s just in Denton, Texas! You think creating a site and doing it yourself is the way to go? All I can say to that is, “If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur!” Denton businesses and professionals are typically way behind the curve when it comes to attractive, professional, functional websites that generate business. Heck! Some of them even still use print advertising! Imagine that? Talk about the most expensive ROI in the world? try print advertising!


Old, Tired or Weary Website?

denton wordpress website creation website builder
This is a fantastic time to get the jump on a new website for your business, or as a personal expression of the things that interest you. Perhaps you are a student in an artistic major, or a long-standing Denton / North Texas business that realizes it is time for a fresh look to your creative work.

A good place to start is with wordpress, and a custom wordpress website that you control and own! Feel free to think. Then feel free to hit the “Contact” page and contact me about you wordpress website needs for your business or other endeavor.

See Change for Google Search – Are You Worthy? Mobile-Friendly Website Design

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Talk about a seismic shift? Google now has their algorithms in place that give priority to websites that search and perform on mobile devices, like your phones and tablets. Guess what? WordPress was way ahead of them, and sites like this one, are Mobile-Friendly.

Is your website “Mobile-Friendy” according to Google? There’s a good way to find out. Click on this link to find out if your website is Mobile-Friendly according to Google.

Denton Digital builds Mobile-Friendly websites for students and businesses in Denton, Texas, and the North Texas area. Fill out a contact form for a quote on a new Google Mobile-Friendly website for your personal or professional use today!


Websites for Artists

Denton Welding Website

Just launched Denton Welding ! It is a fine example of taking something that can be extremely functional, and adding an artistic element to it. Have a LOOK –

YouTube Videos A Powerful Force for Traffic and Information

denton texas website design and content I have noticed a marked increase in traffic flow to-and-from YouTube in the last eighteen months, and if you consider everyone’s ability to stream video I think the reason is obvious. We can finally watch video without those frustrating pauses and glitch loading symbols …