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Photography for Denton Websites

Photography in website design is a make it or break it proposition. There are several things that must be a part of good photography for your new website, and every image needs to meet all requirements: – Website images need to be technically proficient in every way; a) sharp, b) …

Domain Names For Sale

These domain names are for sale at DentonDigital.com – www.neildurrance.com www.neildurrance.net www.kayakfishingjournals.com www.bastropfirerelief.org www.bastropfireaid.com www.bastropfirerelief.com www.bastropbenefit.org www.bastropbenefit.net www.sangerscene.com www.dentonapartmentliving.com www.dentonapartmentlocators.com www.airstreamanswers.com www.dentontalk.com www.dentonartsdistrict.com www.firstfridayfrisco.com www.railroadartsdistrict.com www.boomerangnation.com www.weddingdenton.com www.seniordenton.com www.dentonsenior.com Pricing for these URL’s ranges from free to market values.  

Social Networking

Social networking is a buzz word that everyone has heard by now, but not everyone knows what it is. Social networking is the science and art of networking in the digital realm by implementing AND integrating the tools of social networking to achieve your personal, professional and website’s success. The …

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New URL’s For Sale at Denton Digital

denton vape fort worth vape
Two new website domain names I picked up today are, www.dentonvape.com and www.fortworthvape.com. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing these URL’s. Nothing like capitalizing on the current human condition.

E Commerce Site Live and Going

February 3, 2014 E Commerce Websites No Comments


Long gone are the days of trickery and chicanery brought by site builders who told you that E Commerce sites required magic potions, and incantations.

I just published www.popsflyshop.com a few days ago, and orders are already coming in. Even though there are a lot of additional plugins required to make this wordpress site fully functional and attractive, have a look at the final product.


[cleeng_content id=”261755516″ description=”Read the rest of the story about what goes into a successful e commerce website.” price=”0.99″ t=”article” referral=”0.05″]Simply building and turning over an e commerce site to you won’t set the world on fire though! It really is only the first step, an infant, that will need a lot of care and feeding. If you are dedicated, you could see your baby mature quickly.

What makes for a good e commerce site?

– Damn good products or services
– A pleasant experience when visiting the website
– An e commerce site that works without fail and is safe
– New product and service introductions on a regular basis
– Social Media spreading the word about the products
– Product reviews from customers
– Great product descriptions
– Professional photography and video of the product or service in action

The internet is too large to deceive yourself into believing the old saying, “Build it, and they will come.” Yes, build it, then get to work![/cleeng_content]

WordPress 3.8 Update Out Now

December 12, 2013 Technical No Comments

Hold on just a minute though. Before you go running around updating your WordPress site, I suggest you do a couple of things first.
1 – wait
2 – backup your database and all files before you do the update.

I have been bitten by this on a personal website of mine, when a conflict arose from a plugin that was wreaking havoc on the site host server. They shut me down literally, shut me down, because the plugin was making infinite calls to action that were not doing anything but getting caught in a death spiral loop.

So hold tight, wait and see.


Websites for Artists

YouTube Videos A Powerful Force for Traffic and Information

denton texas website design and content I have noticed a marked increase in traffic flow to-and-from YouTube in the last eighteen months, and if you consider everyone’s ability to stream video I think the reason is obvious. We can finally watch video without those frustrating pauses and glitch loading symbols …

Art Gallery Business Website Design and Hosting

  With the price of real estate in Denton, Texas, and rent prices for retail being completely out of touch with economic reality, more and more adventurous start up businesses are opening in smaller nearby towns where the costs are more in line with reality. That’s exactly what Icy and …