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North Texas Bariatric Surgeons Website

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Bariatric surgeons looking for a home in North Texas and surrounding areas might want a website url that represents their needs best. Denton Digital has,,,, and for sale.

Feel free to go to the contact page and contact us about your website url needs if you are a bariatric surgeon in North Texas.

A Word on Non-Profit Website Building

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Lessons learned when building a website for a non-profit organization – many, and expensive. Advice on how to avoid these pitfalls – Priceless.

Denton Digital is glad to take on any client interested in building a wordpress website for their non-profit organization. Just as a note of pay policy for building a non-profit website, if you have a budget for your website, and your non-profit websites for other events related to your organization, we would like to think there’s an equal pay for equal work policy in effect at every well-run, well functioning non-profit organization. At least that’s what we would like to think. We can tell you, first hand, it doesn’t always work out that way!

So, if you are a non-profit looking for a website that will do everything you would want it to do, and probably a lot more, feel free to contact Denton Digital, and we can go over your needs and our abilities to meet those needs — even on a non-profit budget.

New URL’s For Sale at Denton Digital

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Two new website domain names I picked up today are, and Contact me if you are interested in purchasing these URL’s. Nothing like capitalizing on the current human condition.


Websites for Artists

Denton Welding Website

Just launched Denton Welding ! It is a fine example of taking something that can be extremely functional, and adding an artistic element to it. Have a LOOK –

YouTube Videos A Powerful Force for Traffic and Information

denton texas website design and content I have noticed a marked increase in traffic flow to-and-from YouTube in the last eighteen months, and if you consider everyone’s ability to stream video I think the reason is obvious. We can finally watch video without those frustrating pauses and glitch loading symbols …