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Cleeng to Your Words and Make Them PAY!

I am going to implement a new wordpress plugin designed to monetize content. If you are unfamiliar with what “monetize content”means, it means paying to read content that has traditionally been free – to the detriment of our personal and national economies.

Coming as I do, from the journalism spectrum, I remember a day when words had value – perhaps a measly quarter or perhaps a few dollars for printed words on printed paper in your inky little fingers.

Today, the newspapers that are left standing are staring into the abyss. They have worthless paper product that circulation declines on daily, and they are hemmed in when it comes to online content where everyone has been giving away the farm for years.

One can argue that blogs are the reason for the deflationary value of words / content, where even the content you are reading now is FREE. At some point though, readership numbers can turn a corner, and a nickel or dime to read a story multiplied by the hundreds – daily – can add up. Virtually all bloggers (I prefer the term online publishers) are afraid to pull the trigger on monetizing content – VERY AFRAID.

My search for a plugin that would help monetize content for another website lead me to a plugin named “Cleeng.” Cleeng passed the smell test of being updated recently, downloaded a lot, and having a good star rating to go along with it. I watched a demo on Cleeng and downloaded it for this site.

[cleeng_content id=”241010121″ description=”Read the rest of this post on monetizing your content using cleeng.” price=”0.14″]Thanks for spending the minimum to read the rest of this post. As you can see, the Cleeng plugin is pretty non intrusive, and allows for precise targeting of content to be monetized. Typically, plugins only get better, and not worse. If you have content and you want to monetize it, feel free to contact DD dot com, and see what we can do for you.[/cleeng_content]

What’s In a Name?

By the time you read this, you have probably realized the value of your website name.

The first, and arguably most important, thing you will do is select a website url for your new website. It should be the first, and typically most difficult hurdle to jump. Your site name should be as close to your service, business, or own name as you see fit.

If you are searching for a website name, you will want to avoid a typical search using google, and just guessing different combinations to find one that works. If you don’t think that kind of search is being watched, guess again. Either hire a professional to do your url search, or go to a website purchasing site to search and purchase your site name.


There’s no reason why everyone who doesn’t have a common name shouldn’t just go ahead and purchase their name if it could possibly be a part of their online strategy. Not only could it do you good to own your name, it could keep others from doing harm. There are plenty of documented cases where businesses, politicians and others have been victimized by sites created specifically to misrepresent those names. Purchasing url’s is cheap compared to the damage that can be done, the business that could be lost due to stumbling on this first step. After you finish reading this post, start taking steps to secure your url name – it’s that important.


Given the option, be sure to keep your site name as simple as possible. If you can avoid extra dashes, dots, repeated letters and numbers – go out of your way to do so. Distill your website name down to what matters most, and hopefully still makes sense.

Also, depending on how simple your site name is, you may want to purchase misspellings as well. Difficult spellings can make it absolutely necessary to purchase the misspellings; can be reached with a number of misspelled, and so can my photography site However, if I were, the picture suddenly gets a bit more complicated. And that is typically the problem – finding a url that is still available.


Maybe you have heard of “boomerang kids” – kids that have ended up back at home after college, or job loss? I have become interested in creating a site for young boomerang adults recently, and as I began my url search, I found the most desired names were already taken and active sites. So I settled on It’s not as simple as I would have liked, but it’s well within the ballpark and much more timely than the already existing site’s simpler url’s.

Then there’s the case of a local politician who is running for office this year. He almost got it right with a campaign site name, but was way behind the curve when it came to his own name. That happens, and once it does, you have to decide what it’s worth to actually own the url you feel you need. Some rates for url’s are pretty standard, while others can seem pretty outrageous.

All-in-all, owning the correct website url for your purposes will be the first critical decision you face as you establish your presence on the internet. Denton Digital is here to help, and secure url names for your business needs. Denton Digital does not hold your files or url site name hostage – and never will. That’s the beauty of paying for services as you go, and taking control of your site once it’s up and running. We build sites that are proven successful in e commerce, discussion boards, social events and other business categories. Contact Denton Digital to find out more about what makes Denton Digital different from any other websitesite builders in Denton, Texas.




Quick Change Artist – Changing Themes in WordPress

First Friday Denton Spring Theme Change

One site that I created, and support with content and tireless promotion, is First Friday Denton at First Friday Denton is a site that serves as a hub for participants in the event – disseminating their latest promos, and a go-to site for people wanting to know more about First Friday Denton events.

First Friday happens (of course) the first Friday of every month of every year – since 2010. Choosing wordpress to essentially run the event, not just the site, was a no-brainer. As it gained momentum, I also felt it would be more dynamic for a site like this to change themes seasonally. Changing themes in wordpress is a pretty simple affair in most cases, and although you may be losing a column or adding footer space, if you are willing to do the work, you can change them yourself on an ongoing basis.

This week, for First Friday Denton’s March event, I decided the plain old theme had to go. There were some issues with location of wordpress and location of site at first, but once I got everything all lined up, themes changed with relative ease, and now the plan is to seasonally change themes for the life of the site.


Websites for Artists

Denton Welding Website

Just launched Denton Welding ! It is a fine example of taking something that can be extremely functional, and adding an artistic element to it. Have a LOOK –

YouTube Videos A Powerful Force for Traffic and Information

denton texas website design and content I have noticed a marked increase in traffic flow to-and-from YouTube in the last eighteen months, and if you consider everyone’s ability to stream video I think the reason is obvious. We can finally watch video without those frustrating pauses and glitch loading symbols …