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Photography for Denton Websites

Photography in website design is a make it or break it proposition. There are several things that must be a part of good photography for your new website, and every image needs to meet all requirements: – Website images need to be technically proficient in every way; a) sharp, b) …

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These domain names are for sale at DentonDigital.com – www.neildurrance.com www.neildurrance.net www.kayakfishingjournals.com www.bastropfirerelief.org www.bastropfireaid.com www.bastropfirerelief.com www.bastropbenefit.org www.bastropbenefit.net www.sangerscene.com www.dentonapartmentliving.com www.dentonapartmentlocators.com www.airstreamanswers.com www.dentontalk.com www.dentonartsdistrict.com www.firstfridayfrisco.com www.railroadartsdistrict.com www.boomerangnation.com www.weddingdenton.com www.seniordenton.com www.dentonsenior.com Pricing for these URL’s ranges from free to market values.  

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Social networking is a buzz word that everyone has heard by now, but not everyone knows what it is. Social networking is the science and art of networking in the digital realm by implementing AND integrating the tools of social networking to achieve your personal, professional and website’s success. The …

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Outdoor Sports Professional Websites

February 11, 2012 Fishing and Hunting Websites, Outdoor Sport Websites Comments Off on Outdoor Sports Professional Websites

Interactive Fly Fishing WebsiteSome of the absolute worst websites in existence are in the category of “Outdoor Sports,” and more specifically hunting guides, fishing guides, destination locations and lodges. It’s not like they don’t have or make the money to afford the most important advertising component of the 21st. century, often they just don’t know any better.

So many people in these professions may have started out hunting, fishing or guiding as a hobby, and now they are caught up in doing it for a living. Before the “Great Recession” you may have been so busy you thought it would never end, and a website was an afterthought. NOW, perhaps you are struggling to keep a fishing guide business going, or a lodge or hunting outfitter. AND you still have that same website you had during the good old days. Guess what? It isn’t working anymore!

What you need is a website that feeds people’s need to know, about you, your guide service, your outfitting service or lodge. A site like this one, the one you are looking at right now, will satisfy people’s need to know. You can post images of clients with their catch, kill or whatever it is that you make happen for them. And, you can do it easily and virtually in real time! Trust me, if it weren’t easy, I wouldn’t be doing it right now!

Don’t believe me? Take a look around at websites that are full of content like video, music, photographs and entries from the field, and you will find the vast majority of them were created by WordPress. And since I spend a lot of time outdoors, I already know what you need on your website to make it work for you, and drive more people to your outdoor oriented business.

There’s an old saying, “Nothing any good was ever free,” and like it or not, we still have to make a go of it in a capitalist system. If you already have a website, then you know it’s an asset, and the ¬†fee you paid to have a professional to design and host the website is part of your CODB (Cost Of Doing Business) and a deductible expense. That said, if you already have significant traffic to your website, there is a very good possibility that you will see more traffic, and have an easier time converting visits to customers IF you use your new wordpress site to its full potential. Remember; Google loves wordpress.

I think you will find your ROI (Return On Investment), when it comes to the incredibly affordable rates at Denton Digital, to be amazingly high. A perfect example of a outdoor business I took from nowhere to front-and-center is www.dfwflyfishing.com. Recently retired, the owner of the site had zero presence when we began discussing his needs for a website to highlight his fly fishing guide services. He immediately saw a bump in his business, as people he didn’t know found him, and people referred to him from fly shops and other people, finally had a place to go to initiate contact. And there is still enough content on his site to continue to generate traffic – even though he hardly posts new entries anymore. Amazing!

Denton Digital is here to bring affordable websites to businesses and individuals, sole proprietors and small companies. When considering pricing (fill out the “Contact” form to get current pricing), don’t forget that wordpress sites comprise probably the most successful platform for currently doing business on the internet. And, again, you will have full control turned over to you to run your site, and generate the precise content you need to drive traffic to your site. Besides that, you can also add plugins that make it easy to feature photography, video and integration of current social networking sites you already use; facebook, youtube, twitter, pinterest and many more.


Websites for Artists and Art Students

Websites for Artists and Art Students

Is art your thing? Are you a student studying art, or already a successful artist working as an artist for a living? It doesn’t matter which you are, you NEED a website if you live in the visual world. And that’s coming from a photographer who relies on his art for a living. You have chosen a difficult path. Why make it harder than it has to be?

I am amazed every year when I get a phone call, or two, from students at the University of North Texas, looking for work in the field of art known as photography. Unfortunately, to this date, none, not one of them has had a website that I could go to and look at while I was talking to them on the phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re Generation X, Y or Z, you need a website if you are taking your education in the visual arts to the world. And you need it BEFORE you graduate from school!

The site featured here is by one of those rare professors, he’s tenured and still teaching and creating new sculpture to this day. Richard Davis is a sculptor and professor at the University of North Texas. He already knew he needed a new website by the time I started talking to him about it, and his needs were simple. He just wanted to be able to tell someone to Google his name and his site would come up. Many from pre generation X, Y or Gap, just rely on Google to be their guide, telling friends to, “Google their name.” Now as simple as that sounds, what if your name is John Brown?

Not only did I create a content rich site for Richard, I also took the time to optimize the site (and some other top secret magic). Within two days, all anyone in the entire world had to do was Google – “Richard Davis Sculpture,” and every page I created for him dominated the top Google spots!

While students are less concerned with Google ranking than working professionals, they still should have their own sites for a plethora of smart reasons. If you are a UNT or TWU student looking for an easy start to your future career website, this is the place. You and your parents are into five figures for your education, and you’ve been true to your creativity, so the cost of an original website by Denton Digital is a tiny fraction of the cost of your education. If you don’t have a website to showcase your art, then you’re stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. There’s just no good reason you can come up with not to create a website that gives you the visibility, access, communication and control that you will get with a wordpress site by Denton Digital.

Feel free to go to the CONTACT page and get rates for your new site now. You will be glad you did.

Hobbies Made Into Businesses Made Into Great Websites

People everywhere are looking for their way through our bruised and battered economy. They may have dedicated themselves to a business that seemed invulnerable to competition, the big economy or any number of other factors that can bring a business, an industry to its knees. You could have been one of hundreds, or one of one, a self employed person who finds themselves looking to do something new, or add to what they have.

A great number of us are in need of financial rescue, a way to stage our comeback from the brink of wherever we are. Careers over, we go through “What Color is Your Parachute,” maybe for the the third or fourth time, if we’re old enough. As you put the pieces back together, maybe you have thought of something brand new, or an old passion, an old hobby, something that relights the drive to succeed. If you are heading down one of the lesser traveled roads of a unique startup business, one of the components this time around, has to be a website.

How quickly we can forget that websites are our business windows to the entire world. And new passions can bring with them a drive to create a new profession, a new professional identity for yourself.

My first website went live in 1993, with little fanfare. Why? Because there was virtually nothing else on the internet – nothing. I had a friend of a friend, one of those guys with black circles under his eyes from looking at green monitors way too long, build the site the old fashion way. After about a week of building, voila! It was done. Talk about ahead of the curve, pure bleeding edge stuff.

A couple of decades later, and the power to create amazing websites, the balance of power to create sites like this one, is firmly in our hands.

And that’s why you could take something that may seem like it would be obscure to others, or a very small niche, and explore the possibilities of making it go – via the internet. That’s what I did with a unique website about fly fishing in North Texas. Very few people think of North Texas in the same sentence as fly fishing, but the reality is that www.texasflycaster.com is now the most popular website for virtually all google search words related to fly fishing in Texas.

If you want to see some of the worse websites in existence, go take a look at the typical website for fishing guides, and much of the fishing industry. That’s just one slice of one industry. If you look at Texas Fly Caster, you will see a site with all the bells and whistles that drive traffic to the site, and do their best to convert traffic into business. Being a fly fishing writer and guide in North Texas is a pretty narrow niche. What’s yours?

Let Denton Digital help you find an affordable way to create your new presence on the internet. The fun only starts with the cost. Then there’s also the fun of having control of your site’s look and content – every minute of every day. Imagine a site that you can add pages to, delete pages, content, change the look, add advertising, links, and all kinds of information to make it look just like you want it to look.


Websites for Artists

YouTube Videos A Powerful Force for Traffic and Information

denton texas website design and content I have noticed a marked increase in traffic flow to-and-from YouTube in the last eighteen months, and if you consider everyone’s ability to stream video I think the reason is obvious. We can finally watch video without those frustrating pauses and glitch loading symbols …

Art Gallery Business Website Design and Hosting

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