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Quick Change Artist – Changing Themes in WordPress

February 29, 2012 Elements of Design, Event Website, Technical No Comments

First Friday Denton Spring Theme Change

One site that I created, and support with content and tireless promotion, is First Friday Denton at www.firstfridaydenton.com. First Friday Denton is a site that serves as a hub for participants in the event – disseminating their latest promos, and a go-to site for people wanting to know more about First Friday Denton events.

First Friday happens (of course) the first Friday of every month of every year – since 2010. Choosing wordpress to essentially run the event, not just the site, was a no-brainer. As it gained momentum, I also felt it would be more dynamic for a site like this to change themes seasonally. Changing themes in wordpress is a pretty simple affair in most cases, and although you may be losing a column or adding footer space, if you are willing to do the work, you can change them yourself on an ongoing basis.

This week, for First Friday Denton’s March event, I decided the plain old theme had to go. There were some issues with location of wordpress and location of site at first, but once I got everything all lined up, themes changed with relative ease, and now the plan is to seasonally change themes for the life of the site.

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