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Hobbies Made Into Businesses Made Into Great Websites

People everywhere are looking for their way through our bruised and battered economy. They may have dedicated themselves to a business that seemed invulnerable to competition, the big economy or any number of other factors that can bring a business, an industry to its knees. You could have been one of hundreds, or one of one, a self employed person who finds themselves looking to do something new, or add to what they have.

A great number of us are in need of financial rescue, a way to stage our comeback from the brink of wherever we are. Careers over, we go through “What Color is Your Parachute,” maybe for the the third or fourth time, if we’re old enough. As you put the pieces back together, maybe you have thought of something brand new, or an old passion, an old hobby, something that relights the drive to succeed. If you are heading down one of the lesser traveled roads of a unique startup business, one of the components this time around, has to be a website.

How quickly we can forget that websites are our business windows to the entire world. And new passions can bring with them a drive to create a new profession, a new professional identity for yourself.

My first website went live in 1993, with little fanfare. Why? Because there was virtually nothing else on the internet – nothing. I had a friend of a friend, one of those guys with black circles under his eyes from looking at green monitors way too long, build the site the old fashion way. After about a week of building, voila! It was done. Talk about ahead of the curve, pure bleeding edge stuff.

A couple of decades later, and the power to create amazing websites, the balance of power to create sites like this one, is firmly in our hands.

And that’s why you could take something that may seem like it would be obscure to others, or a very small niche, and explore the possibilities of making it go – via the internet. That’s what I did with a unique website about fly fishing in North Texas. Very few people think of North Texas in the same sentence as fly fishing, but the reality is that www.texasflycaster.com is now the most popular website for virtually all google search words related to fly fishing in Texas.

If you want to see some of the worse websites in existence, go take a look at the typical website for fishing guides, and much of the fishing industry. That’s just one slice of one industry. If you look at Texas Fly Caster, you will see a site with all the bells and whistles that drive traffic to the site, and do their best to convert traffic into business. Being a fly fishing writer and guide in North Texas is a pretty narrow niche. What’s yours?

Let Denton Digital help you find an affordable way to create your new presence on the internet. The fun only starts with the cost. Then there’s also the fun of having control of your site’s look and content – every minute of every day. Imagine a site that you can add pages to, delete pages, content, change the look, add advertising, links, and all kinds of information to make it look just like you want it to look.


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