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Turn Your Retirement into Rewirement with a Cost Effective Website

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Imagine yourself retiring and then rewiring, to take advantage of your hobby, talent, or even an idea, that has been sitting and waiting for you to finally have the time to give it a shot!

One of the things that can help you find your way to new business success, or profession, and let’s face it, the only thing left of the tattered American Dream is the fact that it’s still possible to succeed based on your own gumption, is a website. This site was created for a rewired school teacher who found herself ready, willing and able to start a new business. And even though it looks and works fantastic, it wasn’t expensive, and hosting and maintenance fees are minimal at Denton Digital.

Cimarrona is a site, underpinned by wordpress, that has the added feature of an online store. And for store owner, Leslie Kregel, of Denton, Texas, the store is working for her. It’s her shop window to the world, and the world is looking. Not only does she process retail purchases at cimarrona.com, she also invites wholesale accounts to contact her about her products and terms. Leslie has also used SKYPE to video conference with retail customers, and show them – LIVE AND IN REAL TIME – new products she has available. They can narrow down what they like, she can show them how the hats look being worn. Imagine the possibilities for your business.


Websites for Artists

Denton Welding Website

Just launched Denton Welding ! It is a fine example of taking something that can be extremely functional, and adding an artistic element to it. Have a LOOK – www.dentonwelding.com

YouTube Videos A Powerful Force for Traffic and Information

denton texas website design and content I have noticed a marked increase in traffic flow to-and-from YouTube in the last eighteen months, and if you consider everyone’s ability to stream video I think the reason is obvious. We can finally watch video without those frustrating pauses and glitch loading symbols …