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Here I Go Again – Just Another WordPress Site

February 8, 2012 General Talk No Comments

If you found this site, then I have already proven the effectiveness of wordpress as a priceless tool for designing websites in the new American Economy.

This site is just one of many sites I own and operate in behalf of my businesses, ideas and other things that are more or less worthy of sharing. Along with all the self serving sites I’ve created, I have also, in recent years, seen an uptick in people coming to me for their own internet website needs.

Sometimes we don’t listen to sentences that begin with, “You should …,” but I finally decided to listen, I guess. The truth is when there’s really no boss telling us what “we should” do, then we don’t … ahhh, hindsight … it’s still 20/20.

After creating the most recent site, www.bolivarstreetgallery.com, for an art gallery in Sanger, Texas, and seeing how excited the new site’s owner was to dig into it and go to work on it, I realized it may be time to start telling secrets – about website design, website creation and (here’s the first secret) how easy it is to own and operate your own website – no real strings attached.

Locally, and that is what I am concentrating on is local website needs, there seems to be a disconnect between those who design sites for huge profits, and the people they want to serve, or simply ignore. Here in North Texas, and more specifically, Denton, Texas, there’s a shortage and a surplus.


Denton’s website design cup is half full of brilliant students who will build you a website for free – zero, zilch, like nada’. Local businesses tell horror stories about their forays into hiring a student to do their website work, and they disappear, literally. Or, they lock up the businesses’ domain name, and nightmares of every proportion. If you are seeking website design for free, that’s what can happen. Lest I paint with too broad a brush, I paid students for website design and had a very positive experience. Of course the price quickly went from a flat fee, to hundreds per page before it was over. Ahhh, the good old days of writing code, while people like myself looked on mystified by their skills.


Denton’s website design cup is half emptied of website design businesses that were flash-in-the-pan operations, with large a large staff of creatives, lacking interpersonal skills, the ability to listen to their clients, and charging them for sites that didn’t function right, didn’t look right, and weren’t even optimized for search engine success.


WordPress is the solution I found to run, at first, one website – www.texasflycaster.com. I started the site for a couple of reasons. I wanted to begin writing again, and a “blog” oriented website seemed like the way to go. I also had to have an outlet for an addiction, fly fishing, that was overflowing my informational cup. Texas Fly Caster is a perfect example of what YOU can do with your own WordPress site.

Then I decided it was time to get real, and put my money where my mouth was. I would tell anyone that would listen, “how fun and simple WordPress is” to use for website creation. That was three years ago. Three years and hundreds of thousands of words written on Texas Fly Caster. To prove the point, I moved both of my professional photography websites to the WordPress nation. And that was the perfect solution for a photographer like myself; two websites to distinguish between my editorial and commercial photography, and my more retail oriented photography.

WordPress, due to it’s continuing focus on usability, just seemed to get easier and easier to use, tweak and improve. For better, or worse, that lead to a proliferation in my personal website creation. That was about the end of 2009, and word on WordPress was spreading. It was still the heyday for themes and plugins that attempted feats of code daring and magic. Some survive, and many tire and expire along the way, but the one thing I realized is that this WordPress thing was going to change the entire website design creation business – FOREVER.

IT WAS a small step to go from creating those sites for myself, to creating them for profit, for friends in need of a site that works – on every level. In fits and starts, I developed a logical, multi-step process and billing strategy for people who can get set up for one price, and then choose to have me take them all the way to a wordpress site with most of the bells and whistles of any competitor’s ┬ábusiness site, or even nationally known sites.

ONE THING leads to another, and here I sit, in a dark room, surrounded by aging APPLE computers, and old cameras and other hardware, but still able to type and publish this more simply than using Microsoft Word.

If you are a Denton, Texas, business, a student, or other organization that knows they need a fresh take on their website, and wants CONTROL of their site and its content and functionality EVERY DAY, then Denton Digital is here now.




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