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Medical Profession Website Creation for General and Niche Markets

The Milk Supply Health Professional website by Denton Digital

Denton Digital is prepared to create websites for individual doctor’s offices, medical groups and other health professions, be it dentists, podiatrists or anything in between.

The site www.themilksupply.com was created for Amy an RN with expertise in women’s issues with breast feeding. And it’s a perfect example of giving an expert the website tools they need to move quickly into sharing their knowledge on a specific topic (one I know nothing about). And it’s also a great example of the responsibility of a professional who was pretty much prepared to hit the ground running with their own content, resources and post ideas.

It is critical that you be prepared on your end, for the light to shine on you and your website – within a few weeks of going live, and it may only be a few days before significant traffic begins looking to you for content. There are more abandoned blog/post oriented websites than there are highly active functioning sites occupying the internet. Many are called, but few are chosen. Don’t hire Denton Digital on a whim of an idea. If you take on this mission, you need to have a nearly bottomless supply of knowledge on your business and a willingness to lead the way in adding to people’s knowledge of your business, non-profit, niche market or whatever it may be that you have hired Denton Digital to bring live using your new website.

Part of your leadership in your chosen field is continuing to increase your knowledge of that field, and now, increasing your website reader’s knowledge of that field. The more they see you know and want to know, the more they will appreciate your continuing pursuit of knowledge and their trust in you and your business will also increase. And you don’t have to be the originator of every word seen on your site! Once your site is seen as a “go-to site” for your business sector, people will clamor to provide publishable content for your site. While I generated about 20-thousand words for my fly fishing site, Texas Fly Caster, in 2010, and another 20-thousand in 2011, there was content that were sent to me on a regular basis to publish. Imagine a time when you have to actually pace the release of your posts so that regular readers have time to find them.  Most businesses don’t need nearly that much content to be successful though.

Once you have signed on to have a site created by Denton Digital, part of what I do is to provide some inside tips on content, and we will take a look at just how to approach content creation for your success. Content is what search engines seek, so it is impossible to underestimate of the value of good content to your website’s  own success.

Whether you have a medical office, or are into a medical niche, Denton Digital can have your information up and visible within a few days – for potential patients, or customers or whoever your market may be. And you will have a site that also allows for people who read about your service to comment and add to information that others may also be in need of. Imagine the possibilities.



Websites for Artists

Denton Welding Website

Just launched Denton Welding ! It is a fine example of taking something that can be extremely functional, and adding an artistic element to it. Have a LOOK – www.dentonwelding.com

YouTube Videos A Powerful Force for Traffic and Information

denton texas website design and content I have noticed a marked increase in traffic flow to-and-from YouTube in the last eighteen months, and if you consider everyone’s ability to stream video I think the reason is obvious. We can finally watch video without those frustrating pauses and glitch loading symbols …